Our mission : to become your CRO of choice for future clinical trials

You are a Biotech or Medtech company looking for a safe partner to ensure the successful completion of your clinical trial ? Let us show you why you should choose ExperTrials over a large CRO.

Being an extension of your team is a great responsibility. So we provide.

In the light of our extensive experience with startups in Biotech and Medtech, we understand more than any other your needs for flexibility and ability to adapt with an optimal budget management.

We know that your timelines are extremely tight in order to get the data needed to support the next round of funding and take the next step in the advancement of your clinical development programme.

That is why our expert team works closely with you to tailor the best solution for each project and to deliver clinical trials of the highest quality.

At ExperTrials, you will find complete solutions for clinical trials of any size, location and type, phase I-IV, drug or medical device and we have significant experience in both pre-approval and post-approval trials.


Tailor-made, for Biotechs.


Our agility is our main strength. With a flat organisation structure, we ensure a simple and faster decision making and a direct access to senior leadership, fostering a high level of transparency and collaboration.

Thanks to our vast network of Consultants, we can also quickly find the necessary resources if – for instance – the sponsor decides to open new countries. Moreover, we can guarantee a low turnover rate (less than 5%) due to the strong commitment from our consultants to each project.

Expertise & Cost-efficiency

We are cost-efficient and able to provide better services within your budget, as we made the choice of not having offices all over Europe, therefore our fixed expenses are rather low and flexible.

Our operational teams is mostly made up of Consultants with a deep expertise. They all have senior profiles between 15 to 30 years experience in Clinical Research.


In Clinical Research, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are essential to be in compliance with Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) and local laws.

At ExperTrials, we have set up SOPs to be in total compliance with the international and national requirements. From our previous experience working in conventional CROs, we realised that procedures are sometimes too heavy and lead to a reduction in efficiency which can compromise your project timelines.

Our goal is to be inspection-ready at all times


At ExperTrials, we use the most highly efficient tools available in Clinical Research

eCRF : We provide you with the best Electronic Data Capture (EDC) softwares such as Rave Medidata, Medrio, Conform…

CTMS : Our efficient Clinical Trial Management System will allow you to access your clinical study data anywhere and anytime

eTMF : Archiving of essential documents throughout your study in electronic format.

eSignature : Signature process of essential documentation throughout the trial is simplified and reduce the costs by hundred of thousands euros

We provide excellence with high data quality, accessible anywhere, anytime and fully secured. You have access to your study data in real time.

0% paper, guaranteed 100% quality and GCP compliance.

A high turnover and assignments of junior CRAs in traditional CROs can compromise your clinical study*


At ExperTrials, we work with experienced Clinical Research Consultants who have 10-20 years of experience in Clinical Research. These consultants will be assigned from the beginning of your clinical trial until completion. This will ensure that a high quality service is maintained throughout your trial.


*CRO industry still plagued by CRA turnover: Report (03-Jan-2019 By Melissa Fassbender at outsourcing-pharma.com)

THE VALUES WE promote, everyday


Change is inevitable throughout clinical development. Working collaboratively and strategically responding to change as it arises allows us to explore multiple pathways to market.

We can tailor workflows and processes to consistently adapt to the dynamic
changes inherent in clinical research. This flexibility allows us to respond to changes through all phases of a project such as :

– Industrial expertise to strategically guide evidence-based decisions

– Flexible staffing to support every stage of a trial


We commit our expertise to your advantage.

We have extensive experience from all aspects of the global drug development industry. We apply this diverse foundation of knowledge to strategically plan your project, identifying and mitigating potential risks to enable informed decision-making and project success.

Our Project Managers have an average of 15 years of experience and are well equipped to work alongside our client teams to develop strategy, maneuver challenges, and drive teams to meet and exceed study goals.


We proactively initiate transparent, collaborative communication. As an extension of your team, we are relaying regular status updates as well as providing evidence-based recommendations to keep projects on track.

Team members are empowered to make decisions based on your study’s best interest, identify and communicate around issues and solutions.

Intensive study-specific training, cross-functional communication, and superior study team education ensure we always keep your end goal in mind.

Engaging in a true partnership enhances operational success and your ability to get to market as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Let’s talk about your project